• Town Center Office Space
  • Town Center Office Space
  • Town Center Office Space

A work environment for the future

Town Center will embraces the best in new urbanism design, integrating business, residential and retail into a one-of-a kind metropolitan community. A true work/live/play neighborhood, Town Center offers a vibrantly diverse mix of shopping, dining, office and living opportunities located within a short stroll of each other.

All of which makes Town Center the ideal site to locate virtually any type of business, from a major corporate presence to a thriving small company.

Features include:
  • 1 million square feet of intelligent, Class A office space
  • Parks and courtyards just steps from office areas
  • A multitude of dining and shopping opportunities within walking distance
  • Loft-style residences moments away from employment and entertainment

A vision of green

Here, sustainability is not just a popular buzzword but a watchword. The environmental consciousness of Town Center can be found in virtually every aspect of its design.

  • All construction is LEED certified.
  • Parking structures will replace surface parking to maximize green space.
  • A generous amount of land has been set aside for greenbelt including a 30 acre central park.
  • The proximity of offices, shops and homes will mean much less automobile traffic and negative impact on the environment.

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